Jun 16, 2009

Startalk Arabic 2009

This is a 2-week professional development Summer Institute designed to help teachers integrate technology tools and 21st century language pedagogy in the NVCC/APS Arabic and Chinese curricula. The infusion of modern methodologies in the Arabic and Chinese programs will promote time on task among students and motivate them to persist in their language study. In order to keep learners engaged, teachers must include the most effective, standards-based activities, emphasizing all modes of communication and culture. Arabic and Chinese teachers in each language will create a collection of activities to expand the curriculum presently in place. The networking that will result from the course will enrich instruction and save teachers the task of “reinventing the wheel” by creating materials in isolation.

Ahlan wa Sahlan - اهلاوسهلا

For the Arabic teachers, I am planning on adding new things for those who took the workshop last year, work with them closely on continuing to develop what they have learned last year, but above all, working with all of you, one on one, to meet your own needs. After you sign up fro the workshop, I'll be e-mailing you a questionaire, which will help me determine your immediate needs and this way I can design my part of the workshop accordingly.

Here are some of the things I have so far in mind. However, I am always open to any suggestions and anything you need (that I know how to do):
  • Improving your syllabus and adding technology components to it
  • Learn how to use the Internet more effectively, i.e. downloading videos from YouTube, etc.
  • Create your own attractive and effective multimedia PowerPoint
  • Create your own Blog or Wiki
  • Create your own videos (educational videos or music videos) with 1, 2, 3 steps
  • Using Blackboard more effectively
A workshop is as good as its participants and not its facilitator. The best workshops are those, in which the participants create their own materials with the guidance of a facilitator. I don't want you to copy what I do. I believe that you should learn how to use technology to meet your own needs, and therefore, the workshop will be tailored according to the needs of the participants.

Here are some important documents that you may download to be used in your classes:

Some of My Favorite Arabic Videos

This is a video on how to say the alphabet in Arabic:

الارقام - Arabic Numbers

الحيوانات - Animals in Arabic