Jul 3, 2011

Glogster Tutorial

Using Glogster - Examples

Here are ideas for various Glogs.
  1. You can create a Glog about an Arab country (country profile) with statistics, a map, the flag, the national anthem, a short video on the country, history, etc.  
  2. Create a Glog about a famous peronality from the Arab World (poet, politician, musician, dancer, etc.) incorporting important information about him/her, an image, what he/she has done and samples of their works (text, video, audio, images)
  3. Create a timeline of the history of a certain country or nation.
  4. Create an invitation to  for a party: When, where, who is coming, what will you offer to eat and drink, how to rsvp, etc. Add music, images, and more.
  5. Create a Glog using an image of the Nile in Egypt and Sudan and marking important tourist attractions with important dates...
  6. Create a Glog on the geography of the Middle East.
Here are samples of  finished products:

Photopeach - Tutorial and Example

Here is a Tutorial for PhotoPeach:

Here is a quiz on Petra, Jordan created with PhotopPeach:

Edmodo Tutorial

Study Blue Tutorial


Mind Map - Mind42.com

Here is an example I have created about فصول السنة (Seasons)