Jun 22, 2009

خطه للتدريس التطبيقي

هذا نموذج لخطه التدريس التطبيقي. الرجاء استعماله عند تحضير خطتكم التطبيقيه وشكرا

Click on the link to download a template in Arabic for a possible lesson or unit plan the you can use when preparing any lessons using technology. Please also incorporate the ideas that Dr. Hall Haley discussed in her presentation today in class.

Link to Adil's Blog: http://arabictalk.blogspot.com

Click on the following link to see a description about
"How to Use Technology to Meet the National Standards (5Cs)"

Startalk Survey

Please take the following survey for the Startalk survey that Dr. Franklin talked about today:

Those who didn't do the needs-assessment on-line technology survey, should complete it ASAP, Here is the URL: